Webinar slides - Tackling Translation Sales and Business Optimisation

I'm just releasing the slides to a webinar first presented on June 20th, 2013. The subject is as per the title above, based on the Translation sales handbook, now available to read in its entirety on this site (see sidebar). The webinar recording itself can be purchased and watched from ecpdwebinars, now at a reduced price of £21, with no VAT to pay since January 1st onwards. All proceeds go to support the excellent work of Lucy and the team there.

They were doing no good sitting in storage at this end, and Lucy confirmed that they were still OK to share, so here they are:

PDF of slides for "Tackling Translation Sales and Business Optimisation" webinar
(June 2013)

Poll results

Finally, for those still interested, the results from the polls on the day were:

Do you already have a website?
YES 68%
NO 32%

Do you use Adwords or similar?
YES 5%
NO 95%

Have you implemented some SEO?
YES 24%
NO 52%

Do you make cold calls?
NO 71%

Do you print marketing materials for offline use?
(Not including business cards!)

YES 19%
NO 81%

So clearly the participants had made some headway with an online presence, but were far from making the most of it. Offline efforts could also do with some tweaking in the majority of cases.

I won't spin this out into a full analysis for now. A combination of the slides, the webinar and the book ought to offer enough food for thought to improve those areas. The sample size for the polls was small and quite self-selecting, of course, but perhaps not vastly different from those who wind up at this blog post!

Comments and thoughts welcome, as ever.

Thanks for reading. I do translation from French and Swedish to English, so if that's useful to you, feel free to connect and message me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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