Translation sales book now officially released

Just a few words to mark the release of the ‘Translation sales handbook’. I’d like to thank the contributors, and all those who mentioned the book online (and offline, perhaps!) to their colleagues.

There was a good level of interest from translators on the opening day, and I hope that can continue into the future. I still plan on working on a few alternative formats of the book and these will be announced in due course.

For now, let me leave you with a brief run-down of the interviewees and a summary of their responses.

The contributors:

Lucy Brooks - eCPD Webinars, CIoL Fellow

Lucy’s interview covered ground seldom mentioned these days; about how delivering translations by hand in all weather conditions was the norm. Her detailed explanation of pricing methods was also of great interest.

Michael Roberts – Vivtek: translation, programming

Michael’s various efficiency and productivity tips offer a reminder to all freelancers to make sure they are making the most of their tools to get the best from our rates.

Céline Graciet - Naked Translations: no ordinary blogger

The 1000+ posts featured on her blog, Naked Translations, bear testament to the expertise and dedication of this freelancer who, now having demonstrated that quite adequately, goes on to describe her methods for acquiring and keeping the best clients.

Gaetano Fabozzi – Video-games FTW

An expertise in video-games puts Gaetano in the interesting position of taking part in what is now the largest of the entertainment industries. It is a specialisation that requires a great deal of technical knowledge, yet with relatively stagnant working processes. As there is much room to improve in this growing field, it may well present a host of opportunities to translators in years to come.

Oliver Lawrence – Efficiency in Italian

Oliver’s interview covers a lot of ground, going into detail on rates, negotiation, favourite clients and projects, as well as some pretty sound advice for freelance translators looking to raise their rates.

Anne Diamantidis – #Marketer, client educator

Anne, of GXP Language services, is a marketer through and through, and a great advocate of social media. Her writing and resources shared online consistently help translators to embrace the new wave of marketing tools, while her full-time marketing work focuses on the client and their needs for long-term quality in translation.

Catherine Christaki – Influential blogger, translator

Catherine, apart from her very kind proofreading of the book, has also offered a great deal of insight into how to optimise your freelance business to ensure it has a long life. She details several methods to acquire new clients and advice on how to go about raising your rates. Catherine rounds off the interview with an in-depth response on how blogging and social media can work wonders for your business.

Elaine Farrell – Networking legal translator

Elaine’s establishment as a freelance translator and outsourcing agent in the legal field has been based on a solid foundation of marketing and sales activity. Her approach to raising rates, and the justification for doing so, are also explained in no uncertain terms.

Marta Stelmaszak – Social medialite

As a translator who is often invited to speak about social media, Marta’s interview has a focus on the social side, as well as on her approach to quality and the associated rates. The results of a studied web presence are explained, including how best to use the social aspect of the internet to make the most of these widely-used platforms.

Erik Hansson – Technical freelancer and outsourcer

Erik’s explanation of how he got started in translation through to defining his specialism and expanding upon it offers a fresh perspective on one particular path to establishing a sound and solid translation practice.

Eric Bullington – Medical, code translator

As the other programmer/translator of this series of interviews, Eric describes his productivity tool use in some detail. He offers his solution to avoiding being “commoditized” and his clear and direct advice for going about raising your rates.

Corinne McKay, ATA Director, author, translator

Corinne’s contribution comes last, but by no means least, offering her inspirational professional advice to readers on marketing, targeting the right clients, negotiation and much more besides. Her own book, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, has sold thousands of copies over the years and would prove to be a worthwhile investment for any translator.

Thanks for reading. I do translation from French and Swedish to English, so if that's useful to you, feel free to connect and message me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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