2018 Q2 update

Hello world!

I'm still about. Just an update as I know it's been quiet here. I've had my head down, working away like a good 'un for the last... while. In that time I've also left a city office, built a home office (3x bigger!), got set up on a new PC, explored a few writing tools, methods and subjects. I've also been exploring the world of the financial markets in a lot more depth and have spent time over the last year honing a workable trading strategy.

Other items of note: learned the rudiments of Go (the game) and intend to learn more as the year goes on, read and enjoyed a book by Fumio Sasaki on minimalism and letting go of sentimentality and ego in possessions.

Other plans for this year involve re-focusing the freelance business, relaunching Linguaquote (again!) and trying to keep a few other plates spinning at the same time.

Normal service may resume shortly, but don't hold your breath :)

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