Tools for growth

Now, if we’re going to manage our all-star client roster of agencies and direct clients, we’ll need to harness the power of automation and reminders in order to make the most of our key asset – our client list.

As a one-person business, or small team at most, these tools can improve productivity to such a degree that you can start to rival services offered by companies with much bigger budgets. They essentially act as very cost effective staff, keeping you abreast of everything your business is doing now and in the future.

They give an overview of current tasks, previous exchanges (even if that means just a 30 second call 7.5 months ago), manage multiple projects and schedules and make sure our time is optimised for business during working hours.

A pleasant side-effect of having well-oiled machines and tools in your production line is that your clients also benefit from increased consistency and better communication, increasing the chances of repeat orders. You also have less administrative work to do, so more time to live. Not forgetting that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re on top of everything.

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