Sample translation brief

Translation brief


·         Key data

o   Date, client, project title, Contact person


·         About the client and project

o   What do you offer your clients? Why do they choose you?

o   Project overview: background, current progress

o   Languages and variants

o   Type of document

o   Subject matter expertise

o   Optional: word count


·         About the business objectives

o   Target customer; who are they (age, profession, budget), what are they looking for?

o   What reaction should the target give? (call, buy, sign up)

o   Is there a single-minded proposition for this project? A single message for the target to take away?

o   Why should they believe the message? (Rationale, Substantiation)


·         Detail about the translation

o   Is there a tone that should be conveyed in the translation? (conversational, formal, professional, educational, light etc.)

o   Are you aware of any legal or cultural restrictions that would affect the translation? We will endeavour to raise any of these we come across with you as and when we do.

o   Deadline

o   Format of source, delivery format

o   Miscellaneous information

o   Attachments; existing translations, translation memories, company glossaries etc.

o   Extra services required (first to be removed in negotiation): external proof, TM or glossary building, OCR, summary, localization of strings, code conversion etc.


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