Further reading

®    Jeffrey Gitomer - Big Red Book of Sales

®    Neil Rackham – Spin Selling

®    Mlodinov - The Drunkard’s Walk

®    Andy Maslen – Copywriting

®    Donald A. Norman – The Design of Everyday Things

®      W. Lidwell, K. Holden, J. Butler – Universal Principles of Design


®      Freeagent– multi-currency, UK-based online accounts package


®      RSI relief video – great tips for reducing RSI pain

®      F.Lux – protect eyesight and improve sleep with time-based screen dimming

Information Security

®      HTTPS-Everywhere - secure browsing without additional measures

®      KeePass – encrypted password storage

®      TrueCrypt– reliably encrypt files and computers

®      Eraser– ensure deleted files are unrecoverable

®      HDDErase– ensure formatted drives are unrecoverable

®      FileZilla or WinSCP– secure file transfer via SFTP

®      Dropbox – use with TrueCrypt for a secure solution to file sharing


®      LinkedIn’s Inmaps -  visual representation of connections in your network

®      MailChimp or Aweber – respected mailing list creators, good delivery rates

®      Expert Sources, Gorkana or DWPub – get contacted by journalists

®      HighriseHQ – CRM done very well, free up to 250 contacts

®      Salesforce, FatFreeCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM – alternatives

®       Scraper’ for Google Chrome – extract contact details from lists

®        Buzzfeed – used to create lists that contain contact details


®      Trello and Basecamp – project management tools to optimise efficiency


®      SEO For Firefox –SEO data displayed live in your searches

®      SEO for Chrome – see page rank, backlinks, estimated traffic, keywords etc.

®      SEOMOz – automated tools to act as your SEO consultant

®      Raven tools – results driven SEO management software

®      Google Keyword Tool – a great way to select keywords. Be sure to log in.

®      Open Site Explorer – check inbound links (backlinks) and authority

®      DMOZ Open Directory Project– principal internet directory

®      Webmaster Tools – submit to Google directly

®– clean out your linkrot

®      Pagespeed - tool provided by Google to make sure your site performs well

®      Pingdom – site speed and bottleneck test

®      Woorank – ranks sites for SEO, try a major site to avoid a public score

®      Cloudflare – content delivery network for fast delivery of media-heavy sites

®      Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and Mixpanel – free and paid-for statistics

®      Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer  - A/B testing heavyweights

®– examples of A/B tests for ideas

Site creation

®      Wordpress – a reliable and flexible site creator


®      TonidoPlug – a plug-sized low-power server for online file sharing and VPN

®      Tomato or DD-WRT – low-powered router conversion for VPN or SSH


®      Addthis – social links for sharing your site content

Time monitoring

®      RescueTime - measures time spent in various apps and websites


®      Olifant - converts and edits TMs

®      EU DGT TM – full European Union translation department TM, all languages

®      Notepad++ - a great text editor

®      TextMate or TextWrangler - Mac alternative text editors

®      Ten Fast Fingers - typing speed test with 40wpm average

®    AutoHotkey – automate keyboard shortcuts for repetitions and much more

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