Repeat business – lest we forget

Before leaving the realm of increasing profits from client acquisition, a mention must be made of your existing clients.

They represent the most cost effective way to create new orders in your business, and looking after them through regular contact and follow-ups is a great way to put your business on track for growth.

You can initiate a new conversation on a range of subjects. You can ask them how their plans for future projects are coming along. Or how things went with the last project. You can invite them to feature in a case study, or offer them a discount on their next invoice if they mention you on their social media channels.

For agency clients, let them know you’re available and you may be brought in on a project they’re currently working on.

You can even talk with them on social media, just to see how they are doing, or to invite your followers to check them out.

There is a lot that can be done with existing clients to improve their value to your business. Best of all these are typically low cost ways to gain new work. We should bear this in mind when out prospecting for new clients and receiving rejections, non-responses or uncertainty.

The roadmap at the end of the book will ensure you cover all of these points to gain new clients and make the most of the old ones. It also shows you how to make your business more efficient, leaving you more time to work or live life. The next section goes into detail on the tools to do just this.


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