Marketing and creative translation

Luke takes great pleasure in finding the perfect word or phrase that encapsulates a product or service's message. Targeting the ideal market through words that appeal directly to both the emotional and rational sides of the reader or viewer's minds. The creative translation aspect has been worked over many years of translating over 100 Franco-Belgian comics, bandes dessinées, ensuring each character had their own voice, each native phrase read naturally and each song or wordplay had a mirrored solution in English. The onomatopaeic translation issue was recently made the subject of a thesis for the Université de Strasbourg in which some of Lukes own translations were analysed.

Luke has written for the Chartered Institute of Linguists' monthly magazine, The Linguist, as well as authoring a well-received self-published book on sales and marketing in the translation industry.

Luke has translated and localised campaigns for Eurotunnel, Clubmed, Nestle and many others. I can offer a selection of taglines backed up by justifying arguments for each, or take care of a whole ad campaign in native file formats such as InDesign and Illustrator files, which can be handled by his translation tools, removing the need to reformat and layout the pages in the new languages.

Whether it be 'transcreation', localisation, adaptation or straightforward translation, Luke is on hand to assist with your marketing and creative translation work. Get in touch for a quote today.