Engineering Technical French Translation

Your technical documentation can read natively in English after translation from French by a 15+ year professional, member of the Institute of Linguists

I’ve translated millions of words in the fields of manufacturing, engineering and production. From pellet hoppers and differential gearing to tunnel boring machines and pipejackers, I’ve covered a wide range of engineering translations in my 15+ years of working with clients directly and through agencies.

If you would like to run your text by me I can give you a quote the same day and have the document back to you in few days, depending on its size.

What kinds of technical translation can I accept?

Most! I’ve worked with the Swiss national power grid, Alstom, the French Tunnelling Association, many software and HMI companies, automotive suppliers and manufacturers (including PSA/Citroen/Renault).

I run and manage my own server hardware and write code for financial markets and business automation, so am equally at home translating IT-related texts.

Call me on +44 (0)7530 733 320 to discuss your project, or email using the link below.

Thanks for reading. I do translation from French and Swedish to English, so if that's useful to you, feel free to connect and message me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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