Anti-virus change around

I recently posted this to the CIoL translators’ list:

I’ve been a big advocate of AVG for at least 5 years, but recently they have started to turn to the “spam side”, with their adverts dominating my screen on a regular basis.

I switched over to the Microsoft Security Essentials software that should probably have shipped with Windows 7, if it weren’t for anti-competition regulations. I read many reviews comparing it very favourably to all the free anti-virus software available, and from sources I trust (Ars Technica, for one).

It is available here: And one of the many reviews is here: ntials-impresses.ars

Now I have no more advertising on my PC and a solid product I can trust. I am also using a hardware firewall of sorts and am well versed in not clicking things I don’t trust, but the most important thing is now in place - solid anti-virus protection.

Hope that’s of some use.

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