Swedish news translation - Stockholm explosions

First on the scene: like a bomb exploded against his stomach

“It looked like the man was wearing something that exploded on his stomach,” said Pascal, the first person to approach the dying man on Bryggarsgatan [Brewer’s Street], to DN.se [Dagens Nyheter, the Day’s News]

Pascal describes how he had just left a Clas Ohlson store and went onto Drottninggatan [Queen Street, the city’s main street] when he heard a loud blast and saw smoke coming from Bryggargatan.

“I ran the thirty meters there and rounded the corner where I saw a man aged around 25–26-lying on his back, heavily injured,” he explained.

“When I got there I tried to press on his chest a couple of times but he had no pulse.”

Pascal is a trained nurse and life-saver and tried to give the injured man the first assistance.

“I removed a Palestinian scarf from his face to free the airways but it was too late,” he said.

According to Pascal, the man had sustained heavy stomach injuries. Next to the man lay a two meter metal pipe. A 30 centimeter wide, red backpack lay some meters away from the body.

It looked like something had exploded against his stomach. He had no other injuries to the face or body and the surrounding shops were not damaged. All shopfront windows were intact, he said.

Pascal found the man just a few minutes after a car that was loaded with gas canisters exploded two hundred meters away. If both explosions had anything to do with each other, it is still unclear.

If they do, the car explosion could have been a related manoeuvre. The question is where the man was headed to when the explosion killed him on the corner of Bryggargatan and Drottninggatan.

Clas Svahn

Translated by Luke Spear - for information purposes only

Source: Dagens Nyheter

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