Static site developer in UK

Want a fast, custom static Hugo website?

For a fast, worry-free custom static website, I can get you up and running in days, covering all aspects of the build. All the latest SEO features, custom menus, features such as related pages and multilingual sites.

I am a specialist in Hugo - the fastest, most robust static site generator.

Design and build


- Static site build
- Speed/performance optimisation
- Copywriting/SEO


- Highly custom with multilingual
- Speed/performance optimisation
- Copywriting/SEO

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Projects completed

A few example projects I’ve worked on recently:

These are simple, quick to load sites, with a range of features you can play with to get a feel for them. Related posts, multilingual sites, grid layouts, forms, custom menus and post lists etc.


What are the benefits of static sites?

Speed and security. Static sites run little to no scripts or additional code beyond the page layout itself, so load very fast for your users. This has SEO benefits, as well as potential conversion benefits by keeping visitors on site for longer.

It also offers the benefit of being much harder to hack, and so your site stands a much better chance of remaining online permanently.

Finally, they can be much easier to adminster, saving time for you and your developers, ultimately making the process of selling or marketing online more efficient and cost-effective.

What does site performance or page-load times have to do with sales?

The quicker you can serve your site to visitors, the more likely they are to stay on your site. The longer they stay, the more they buy. So say the studies and the logic adds up. Keeping people waiting online is not going to make you more sales. Respecting their time by loading fewer widgets and images, at that fine balance between design and content, can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

How would you get more sales and visitor conversions from my website?

There are a range of methods to be used here, depending on your current status. Once the foundations are laid, the more complex methods can be deployed and new sales will be our main performance indicator as the improvements continue.

Do you offer site hosting?

I can offer fast and secure hosting under the support package above, otherwise we can work with your hosting provider.

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