I've been busy; two new websites

With so much translation work to do, it is hard to find the time to run side-projects, but in recent months I’ve pressed on and created two new websites which I hope to maintain as they grow: linguistdb.com and thefrenchjourney.com

After a few weeks of development, the new linguist database linguistdb.com was launched and has so far signed up a great range of various language pairs all ready to work on a freelance basis for any company or agency that wishes to work with them.

Late last year I had created thefrenchjourney.com to help people learn French in a fun and intuitive way. The plan was put on hold for a good 6 months but is now coming back online after a consistently good traffic record, even with no new updates.

So with the launch and re-opening of these two sites, I hope to work my way back up through the search engine rankings and into the lives of linguists and French learners.

I’ll keep you posted if there’s anything to report, dear reader :)

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