Stop the press: I'm on the 5th page of Google results!

News not perhaps worthy of such a sensationalist headline, but when you consider that for the search term “French to English translator” there is only one other freelance professional translator ahead of me - the famous, and very well regarded Corinne McKay (whose birthday, I understand, falls on International Translators Day) - it’s not such bad going.

The machines are taking over

I could really do with getting up in the search results, but for some bizarre reason Google has placed 4 pages of free machine-translation sites ahead of me, including - for another unfathomable reason - their own Google Translate, which makes a galliant effort to be the best “get-the-gist” translation engine out there.

Revolution, the people rise against Skynet

Again, over-sensational, but we could cross-link to each others’ sites to boost our search engine rankings significantly. That’s what I propose, at least. If you don’t work in French to English, we could benefit from a bit of mutual cross-linking.

Anyone interested?

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